Canadian based tuning house, Anibal Automotive Design have released renders of their newest project — a modified Porsche Panamera they call the Panamera Prestige.

Last November we covered Anibal’s version of the venerable Porsche 911, the so-called Porsche 911 Attack. Design cues have clearly carried over from the 911 Attack into their Panamera Prestige. A stock Panamera is by no means the best looking car in the world; a fact few would argue. Anabil sought to give the Panamera a sleeker, meaner look with the addition of rear hatch elements in addition to a more aggressive front clip.

Modified air intakes on the hood aid a more aggressive shape; a shape that would undoubtedly make you look twice if you spotted one these in your rearview mirror. As far as we can tell, the added bodywork is made out of carbon fiber, but it could be fiberglass. From the looks of the photos, all official pictures are high-quality renders (although we aren’t ruling out Photoshop trickery). We’ll wait to see actual photos under real-world lighting conditions before we pass judgement. But, so far, it is looking to be a pretty interesting project.

Check out the renders for yourself and tell us your thoughts. Is the Panamera Prestige cool, or just overkill?

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