The Lexus LFA was unquestionably the most performance-oriented, strictly-limited and advanced car to ever come out of the Japanese company. However, with its run of 500 units recently coming to an end, Lexus is planning to introduce a new halo sports car for the younger generation, but it won’t be a direct replacement to the LFA like previously speculated.

Rumors dating back just a few months claimed that Lexus was planning an LFA II which would in essence be a car with twice the performance and twice the price of the outgoing model. However, according to Lexus Exectuitve Vice President Kazuo Ohara, such a car is unlikely to eventuate.

Ohara stated “If we want to build a more emotional brand, then we need a halo car” and although this may not take the form of a new LFA, in the post-LFA era Lexus is said to be generating different ideas to generate youthful excitement and inject some new energy into the brand which usually caters for wealthy business people.

In order to create such a car, Lexus will give up trying to fight with Audi, BMW and Mercedes and may instead look for more entry-level luxury marques such as Cadillac, Infiniti and Lincoln and the fitment of new exciting cars should fit nicely into such a segment.

What exactly Ohara means by injecting a more youthful experience into the brand is not fully known, but it’s possible that a new sports car similar to the Toyota GT86 could be in the works.

With that being said, Toyota and Lexus are in essence the same brand, so some in-house fighting could ensue. Either that, or Lexus will instead create another supercar but instead price it similar to a Corvette.

[Via Autonews]

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