We’re a bit late with this piece of news, but we thought it was definitely worth sharing with you. Before Christmas, Jaguar did its thing for injured British troops by providing a chauffeur service from Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court in Surrey.

Headley Court is a hospital that provides rehabilitation and care for severely injured servicemen and women, including poly-trauma amputees. The soldiers were driven to destinations as diverse as Hull, Wales, Shropshire, Yorkshire and Lincoln in order to allow them time with their families. We’re told that Jaguar even took one soldier to Inverness, over 450 miles!

Commanding Officer Group Captain C S Walton commented;

I would like to thank everyone at Jaguar Cars for giving our patients the opportunity to travel home and start their well earned Christmas break in such a stylish and special fashion. I am truly inspired by the many generous gifts and offers given to our patients at Christmas time.

Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover UK said;

We are extremely proud to provide our vehicles and drivers to benefit our service men and women by helping them get home for Christmas. We are pleased to be supporting an exceptional rehabilitation centre that offers an immeasurable service to the MoD.

In the pictures you will see:

  • Cpl Matt Webb (36) of the 45 Commando Royal Marines, Arbroath, heading home to his wife, Surirat, and three year old son in Somerset. He was injured in 2007 in Helman Province by a buried IOD. He was fitted with prosthetic legs a year ago, and only recently fitted with an electronic arm, one month ago.
  • Spr Ryan Bardall (26) of the 36 Engineer Regiment, Maidstone, heading home to his friends in Nottingham. He is due back into Headley Court in March for his final admission before going back to his regiment.
  • LCpl Ben Demain (33) of the 14 Signals Regiment, Pembrokeshire, heading back home to Manchester to his wife and parents. He is ending his third admission at Headley Court.
  • Pte Josh Middleton (19) of the 3 Yorks Regiment, Warminster, heading back to Hull to his fiance, Kirstie Smith.
  • Cpl Hari Budha Magar (33) of the 1 Royal Gurkha, Folkstone, heading back home to Canterbury to his wife, Urmila, who is expecting their third child.
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