2012 has been nothing been short of a stellar year for Italian hypercar maker Pagani Automobili. Their brand new Huayra, despite having a name that a sum total of three people can actually pronounce correctly, accumulated more acclaim in one year than just about any other car — hypercar or otherwise.

And as such, you can expect Horacio and his team wanted to celebrate. Auto journalists the world over have flaunted the occasion, the sheer presence, of the car. “It is a machine so unlikely ever to be real, it may be a unicorn”, originally quoted as Richard Hammond’s reaction after driving the car has become the mantra of many enthusiasts.

A car like the Huayra is a miracle of engineering. Not because of the mathematics and design behind it – which are spectacular – but because it is unfathomable that a car of this nature can exist in 2012. The Huayra, whose design drew skepticism at first look, truly has transcended the criticism and become the benchmark hypercar. A massive achievement.

The Huayra was named car of the year, or a variant of, in no less than three of the most prestigious publications in Europe. EVO, Top Gear and CAR Magazine’s all chose the Huayra for a top spot on one of their end-of-year lists. Undoubtedly something that Horacio is supremely proud of. And he has every right to be.

Check out the video, which details Pagani’s 2012 journey with the Huayra highlighting the reactions from media outlets around the world. Spoiler: they all thought it was amazing. The cinematography on display is truly a work of art, suitable only for a car like the Huayra.

Oh and do not forget to read our own road test of the Pagani Huayra.

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  1. Pagani makes great cars but awfull videos.Its the same thing every time,the car simply cruising around in dramatic style with a bit of a dramatic backround and dramatic music and ,of course as allways a short scene with Horacio doing something with a super-cool attitude,propably thinking of how awesome he must look…Its the perfect drug if you lack sleep.Maybe Horacio is a bit embarassed of his cars,as Pagani never releases a video of its cars with no music ,on a famous track(Nurburgring,Spa,Silverstone etc.)lapping their asses off.The only exception was Zonda R and it wasnt even a road car.


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