Our friends over at Litchfield have announced their full range of tuning packages for the Nissan GT-R. Having recent acquired its own machining and production facility, the British tuning firm will primarily be focusing on providing the best possible tuning solutions for the GT-R’s VR38 engine.

The first package features what is called a ‘Rod Upgrade’. This is a Stage 5+ kit which upgrades the connecting rods in the engine allowing it to produce considerably more power. Estimates are between 775-800bhp with an equally impressive 700lbft of torque. Modifications include Litchfield GTR forged connecting rods, new bearings, engine gaskets and seals, balanced engine internals and crank balancing. UK customers also get a Litchfield warranty package, whilst continental customers also get a Litchfield engine cleanse and Litchfield high performance 5w-40 engine oil. Including VAT, customers will pay £4,387.

The second package increases the power even further. Customers that opt for this package will get a forged 3.8 liter engine consisting of upgraded internals to replace the weaker OEM Nissan parts. The engine is then rebuilt and balanced in-house to competition standards with all new bearings and gaskets. The revised engine provides enough strength for a comfortable 850bhp with a good service life.

Modifications include a Litchfield GTR custom forged piston set with new piston rings, a set of Litchfield GTR custom forged connecting rods, an ARP main stud bolt kit, balanced engine internals and a balanced crank. Litchfield will also provide new bearings, engine gaskets and seals. Of course, UK customers will benefit from a Litchfield warranty package. Cars will also get Joe Gibbs running in oil with initial breaking-in carried out by Litchfield, a Litchfield engine cleanse and Litchfield High performance 5w-40 engine oil. Price for this package is £6,397 including VAT.

The third package builds on this. Named the Litchfield 3.8 ‘Sport’ Engine, the upgrades are substantial. In conjunction with British manufacturers Capricorn, Litchfield now offers a 1,000bhp setup for the GT-R. This is a package that has been tested at great expense by Litchfield engineers on the road and on two trips to the Nurburgring.

Litchfield GTR Engine Options

The Sport engine features Litchfield GTR Pistons produced by Capricorn from proprietary high specification aerospace alloy, Litchfield GTR Engine Rods with unique oil grooves and squirters to improve bearing oil supply and to cool pistons for improved performance. These include Beryllium copper small ends which offer the best friction reduction. The kit also gets an ARP main stud bolt kit, engine internals and a dynamically balanced crank to insure smooth running.

Litchfield include a blue-printed engine block with oil and water ways smoothed, enlarged and cleaned to removing original casting marks and rough edges, Litchfield blue-printed and High Pressure Oil pump for more consistent flow at high rpm and power levels and Litchfield Ported and polished cylinder heads with knife edge port separators and valve seat profiling. Further upgrades include Litchfield combustion chamber modifications to improved squish and detonation reduction, Litchfield sport camshafts with increased lift and duration whilst maintaining excellent idle control and low speed performance and Litchfield custom valve springs which insure correct valve pressure but with reduced valve train noise.

Finally, Litchfield supplies new bearings, engine gaskets and seals, a Litchfield warranty package for UK customers, Joe Gibbs running in oil with initial breaking in carried out by Litchfield, a Litchfield engine cleanse and Litchfield High performance 5w-40 engine oil. The price for all those modifications? A very reasonable £11,994 including VAT. This is probably the cheapest route to a 1,000bhp car!

The final package is the Red Top engine. This is where bespoke gets truely bespoke. These upgrades are still testing so the only information we have are that they will go further than the Sport package. A number of displacement between 4.0 and 4.6 liters are testing at the moment and will be available early 2013.

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