New spyshots have surfaced depicting the brand new Land Rover Freelander being tested while disguised as a stretched version of the Evoque.

It’s currently unclear as to why Land Rover felt the need to hide the new Freelander to such an extreme extent, but many would be fooled into thinking that this is simply a long-wheelbase version of the brand’s small Evoque. However, that’s not the case as Autoexpress reports, with the car pictured actually being the new Freelander, due sometime in 2014.

We were even tricked for a second, but upon closer inspection there are a few tell tail signs that the body does not quite match up with the car underneath. Despite this however, the fact that Land Rover opted for such a disguise suggests that the styling of the new Freelander will be a dramatic departure from its predecessors and will instead closely reflect the new design language of the Evoque and new Range Rover.

Although no details about exact specifications of the Freelander have been released just yet, it’s reported that it’ll be offered in a selection of different variants, including a five-seater, seven-seater and a smaller version of similar size to the Evoque.

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  1. OK GT guys . Who’s got this one right ? You say this is a disguised Freelander . Your competition in Peterborough swears this is the new 4dr Evoque Stretch .

    So …. who’s right ? I’m betting y’all as this travesty is even too ugly for the already fugly Evoque and we all know the Freelander’s been a free loading ‘ dog ‘ from day one


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