Italian magazine is reporting that Porsche has plans to release a four-cylinder boxer variant of the Porsche Cayman at the 2013 Frankfurt International Auto Show in September next year. The rumor does hold some credence, as Porsche is planning a celebration for the fifty years of the 911 during the show.

The necessity of a four-cylinder boxer engine in the Cayman is two-fold. A four-cylinder would drastically reduce Co2 emissions, which becomes more and more important as regulatory bodies around the world begin cracking down on automakers whose engines are not deemed “green” enough. Even more importantly, a four-cylinder would dramatically increase fuel economy.

Although exact engine specifications haven’t leaked, expect an engine somewhere in the 2.5 liter range, producing 350hp, or thereabouts with a single turbo system. Torque output is suggested to be at 500Nm, with the only transmission option being Porsche’s double clutch PDK.

This rumor comes after Porsche released the 2013 Cayman S at the Los Angeles Auto Show earlier this week. Speculation points to the new model receiving the moniker Porsche Cayman Turbo. We will keep you updated as more news comes in.

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  1. #1 Porsche doesn’t need a 4 cylinder . They’re owned by VW-Audi and the regs are based on the overall manufacture … not a specific brand within the empire .
    #2 All the Porsche boffins /pundits say no to a 4 popper Cayman/Boxster . Thats the role of the ‘ budget ‘ Porsche VW Audi and Porsche keep delaying
    #3 Porsche customers worldwide are demanding more power from the Paternal Twins ( Boxster/Cayman ) not less

    So on this one I’ll say internet myth . Aint a gonna happen .

  2. Obviously, a turbo 4-cylinder can satisfy the demands of Porsche enthusiasts. 350 HP is a nice round number, but what’s not stated is that a small turbo 4 can generation lots of low-end torque, which is what really helps get a car moving swiftly off the line. I say that Porsche should go for it!


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