Former Lotus CEO Danny Bahar, who was ousted as CEO of the British carmaker in early June, is now being sued by his former employer.

Citing that Bahar did an “abysmal” job at running the company, Lotus has filed a $4 million dollar (2.5 million pounds) lawsuit earlier this week, in hopes of recouping some of the money they claim Bahar lost them.

Bahar was originally fired on speculation from shareholders that he was grossly misusing company funds. That speculation eventually led into the full-fledged investigation that cost him his position. According to the court filings, Bahar used company funds for “excessively extravagant” indulgences.

These so-called indulgences included a personal chauffeur as well as helicopter and private jet rentals. Lotus also claims he used company funds for personal house repairs. Bahar was quick to respond to the lawsuit, filing one of his own. A wrongful termination suit to the tune of $10.7 million (6.7 million pounds) was filed by Bahar, an increase of nearly $7 million over the lawsuit filed by Lotus.

Interviews with Bahar last year revealed that Lotus hadn’t generated any profit since the British marque was acquired by Proton in 1996. Naturally, Bahar says “the claims of gross misconduct are ill founded.” Even so, it doesn’t look good for Bahar, as the sole reason he was hired as CEO was to “turn the business around, which he singularly failed to do.” Which Lotus argues he failed to do, in large part due to his excessive spending. Mr Bahar’s spokesperson said:

Dany has no desire to enter into a tit-for-tat media campaign regarding the on-going legal dispute however he vigorously disputes the claims about improper or unauthorised spending. He maintains that at all times he acted within the limits of his authority or with the authority of board. His efforts are focussed on the future. He will continue to strenuously deny the allegations made against him and is confident that in time they will prove unfounded.

No word on court dates or any further proceedings, but we will keep you posted as new information comes in.

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  1. Dany Bahar has been a liability for each and every automaker he’s ever worked for which is why Ferrari was so glad to have ‘ dumped ‘ him ( despite Lotus thinking they’d ‘ poached ‘ him ) on Lotus’s doorstep . Now we can only hope he’s not thru the courts allowed to finish the destruction at Lotus he started by letting him win his Wrongful Termination lawsuits : as well as hoping the courts grant Lotus at least part of the damages that Bahar caused

  2. Don’t blame Bahar.. He did spend less than 10 million us dollars. To try to improve this tiny company! I don’t about some of the designs, but at least he tried…. This company’s downfall started looooooooong time ago!

  3. @GS…you are good at putting words together other than that…..

    Do yourself a favour and go a write books on fiction…

    Maybe then you’ll be able to afford a super car..

    The economy of consciounsess world (BS) is designed for a purpose, does’nt mean ya have to be a player..

    Your the world champion in this game man!

  4. @ Pit – Tell you what junior . When your total assets even equal my checking account .. then and only then come talk to me . But as long as you’re nothing more than a pretentious hospital orderly with zero knowledge of the auto business …. well to use one o’ your Brit phrases ….. Shut yer cakehole sonny boy !

    @ MM Look at the facts . Bahar what with all his pretentious big plans etc all but destroyed Lotus … and still might . Christmas … how much evidence does it take to get you Bahar groupies in line with reality ? The guy was an ___ at Ferrari ( might want to wonder why I know that Pit ) and was even more destructive at Lotus . And have you noticed no one’s rushing to the fore to higher the little slime ?

  5. Come on man… i make more than you in an hour than you would in a year…

    Some where lay’n around i have a bit of paper that states i hold the highest degree in psychopathology..

    I teach this sh!t man to psychiatrists..

    Yes you are half right my knowledege is very limited ATM in the Automotive industrie tied up with finishing in the psychpathology industrie – before i build my track(s)..

    I know alot F1 drivers but it’s not really knowledge though is it…nar ..not yet.

    Ummm, i’m not out to upset ya man…i know how frail some minds can be.

    If ya have any issues with “me” man let me know.. maybe i can help ya through it, you know…. talk about it ;)..


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