Dartz sent through details of their latest project recently, called the iTempter and based upon the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. As with all Dartz, releases, this project sounds completely insane. As many will be aware, last year was the year of the dragon according to the Chinese Calender. As next year is the year of the snake, Dartz will be releasing a series of new vehicles along that theme.

The first new vehicle to be released is the iTempter kit you see below. It has been designed by Dartz designer Marius Dumitrascu and features gold plated tungsten details and 24 inch bullet design wheels. The interior comes custom produced from Snakewood, a relatively rare tree found in the forests of Central and South America and renowned for its brittle qualities. The central part includes a star sky inserted into the roof and a variety of different iPad’s.

We’re told that 12 limited gold editions will be made available alongside 24 green editions and 24 orange editions. We’re also told that Dartz will unveil the 2013 Dartz Prombron White Snake on 3 December so stay tuned for that!

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