This Blackbird Trans Am was commissioned by a former NBA superstar, drafted directly out of high school, who brought his vision and dream for a one-off custom built modern Trans Am. The end result build by Trans Am Depot is showcased at the SEMA 2012 show!

Based upon a Chevrolet Camaro, we hardly have any information about this project. Looking at the photos, you will see a massive Vortec centrifugal supercharger installed on the engine offering 650hp to the rear wheels. On the outside, a completely new body kit was fitted changing the complete looks of the muscle car.

At the front, the fascia has been changed drastically. The hood has a special Trans Am decal and a hole accomodating the supercharger. The side profile has been changed as well and features suicide doors offering an improved entrance into the upgrade Camaro interior. Special T-top roof has also been installed.

The rear has a completely new look featuring louvers on the rear window, a new rear bumper and re-positioned exhaust end pipes. Inside the cabin, you will notice a number of changes. Carbon fiber parts were fitted together with Trans Am decals on the head rests of the seats, the center storage area and the door inlays. A new gearbox selector complements the kit.

[Photos by Effspot Photography]

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  1. Wow…taking an already flawed design and creating a hideous mess out of it only in America lol.

    Wait damn it I forgot about Mansoury

  2. The car looks great, but you missed a few items. The roof is called a T-top, not a targa. Targas go all the way across the roof. The hole in the hood is for a non- functional hood scoop based on the 1978 Trans Am. The supercharger is a vortec centrifugal unit located on the front on the engine on the driver’s side. The panel on the rear window is called louvers, not a spoiler.

    However, that is one awesome car!


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