Eric Clapton is one of just a handful of Ferrari clients to have a car built to his own personal specification. Ferrari Magazine ran a feature on the man and his car in their May 2012 edition and now, it has been released online. The article details Clapton’s passion for the brand, the design process that Ferrari and Clapton entered into upon the Tailor Made commission and the different Ferrari models that inspired the build.

The Ferrari SP12 EC is essentially a 458 Italia with bespoke bodywork. Originally Clapton wanted a V12 to power the car in homage to one of his favourite Ferrari models of all time, the flat-12 engined BB 512i. However, Ferrari managed to convince the singer songwriter of the Ferrari 458 Italia’s suitability and the base was chosen.

With the Tailor Made program, Ferrari will adapt any model in their range with a new set of bodywork and a new interior provided that it doesn’t compromise quality or reliability. Ferrari won’t touch the engine performance or fit parts that require extra homologation. For example, the SP12 EC features Enzo headlights rather than Clapton’s prefered oval designs.

To read the full article click here. Otherwise, enjoy the photos!

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  1. Building bespoke cars with a great amount of nothing to be surprised of, but do these still have to go through homologation and crash testing?

  2. haji – Correction . Clapton is British ……not European .

    As to the car ….. well this proves my very wealthy and titled Italian Great Grand Fathers old axiom ;

    ” Wealth is never a guarantee of Good Taste …More often than not in fact …. it guarantees the opposite ”

    Ol’ Slow Fingers ought to be ashamed . All those fine classics and hot rods and now he does this travesty ! But …… I know he isn’t .

  3. @GuitarSlinger

    Lol. That’s like saying that people from California aren’t US citizens..

    As for the car, way better looking than the 458 or any other current Ferrari.

  4. I can definitely appreciate the level of customization, but why not make an homage to an F40 or 288GTO instead?

    As for my favorite recent ferrari creation? Pininfarina’s P4/5 built in 2006.


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