Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM) is one of the most common companies for Audi upgrades and tuning. Founded in 1990 they first started to work on the legendary Audi five-cylinder turbo engine. Nowadays MTM offers tuning for any VW-branded manufacturer, but also Ferrari, McLaren and others. With their experience of more than twenty years, they have built a perfect foundation to work on one of our GTspirit project cars, the Dark Grey RS4 Convertible.

Looking at the RS4 it is a wonderful German sports car suited for long distance touring and open-top cruising. The range of upgrades for the RS4 Convertible available at MTM is not the widest, but we still found some which we had to include. First up was the exhaust system!

After doing a few drive tests with the convertible as a companion next to comparable cars like the C63 AMG Coupe – which were of course a lot louder – we definitely had to upgrade the exhaust tune. The challenge was to get a loud exhaust system with valve control that opens up at startup and has the ability to become quiter when requested. Another crucial point was keeping the stock exhaust look.

The RS4 comes with an exhaust valve system as standard. So together with MTM we had come up with a plan of reprogramming the main system. The stock system has closed valves at startup and via the central-positioned sport button on the steering wheel it offers the driver the option to open the valves. The final solution was the following. The stock valves were not replaced, but reprogrammed to stay open at all time. Additionally the S engine button was overwritten by the engineers at MTM. It now offered the option of closing the valves when requested.

Our trip to MTM’s workshop in Wettstetten near Ingolstadt started in Stuttgart. Fitting the exhaust proved to be an everyday job for the engineers at MTM. Minor adjustments were done focussing on keeping the stock exhaust look with the endpipes not sticking out too much. After a few hours of work the installation was done and we went off to Berlin with a new amazing sound. A noticeable difference was the slight performance improvement in the middle rev-range and a more fluent acceleration.

The final result is clearly visible in the video and photos provided in this story. The new upgrade is just one of the few newly fitted options on the Audi RS4 Convertible. After the installation of the new exhaust MTM has become the main specialist to be granted access to the powerful convertible.

Photos by Sebastian Dickenherr and Stefan Bischoff alias Addictedtolight!

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