McLaren Automotive has publically pulled the sheets off their new design study, the McLaren P1. The new concept model – showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2012 – is the basis of a production version supercar, which is planned to go on sale within twelve months.

The McLaren P1′s design bears a similarity to McLaren’s previous designs. The overall shape has hints of the MP4-12C with the rear central exhaust and the layout of the rear facia. However, it’s obviously a more extreme design with an aggressive layered diffuser, front air intakes that remind us of the Aston Martin One-77 and a set of headlights that look visually similar to the McLaren Automotive logo.

The black sections are important aerodynamic parts. The new P1 headlights could also appear on a facelifted MP4-12C at some point in the future. Hints of the F1 come through the use of a design line that intersects the door and through the F1-style roof scoop. The McLaren P1 uses a modified version of the MP4-12C’s carbonfibre Monocell. It weighs less than 1,300kg.

The P1’s front and rear aluminium subframes and the suspension components have received significant upgrades with active damping and active roll control thought to be fitted. McLaren could also make use of active aerodynamics.


  1. …waiting for GuitarSlinger to say somethign stupid again ;o)
    presonally I love it and know that it’s going to blow the competition out of the water


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