From our recent spyshots of the C7 Corvette spied at GM Proving grounds in Michigan, not much was revealed apart from clues and suggestions. However, a new set of images have emerged which reveal few more details on the new American supercar.

The most crucial bit of the leaked information is that GM will use a LT4 motor in the C7, an upgrade from the current Camaro ZL1 power plant promising more horsepower. This disparages previous rumors that an LT1 motor was to be used. The LT4 promises power of up to 500hp. The last time GM used an LT family motor was in the 1990 LT5 ZR1 “King of the Hill” still viewed as the best Corvette GM ever made featuring a 32 valve DOHC and the only American car that went for speeds of over 175Mph for 24 hours.

Other details that surround the 2014 C7 Corvette include a carbon fiber roof, heated and cooled front seats and a dash that resembles the current Cadillac XTS with cue. There is no physical tachometer instead a graphic is present in the middle of the LCD screen. All other gauges including the speedo are physical old school real gauges.


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  1. Well ……. I hate to bring this up seeing as how I like you GTSpirit guys …..but ….. errr……. there is a site here in the States that has had all this info and more for almost a year ( including renderings of the exact finished product ) if’n anyone is interested.

    BTW I’ve got it straight from the horses mouth ( GM exec neighbor ) that the website mentioned info is very correct

    I’ll give y’all a hint . The first three letter in their moniker/address are .. j… a….. l


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