Automotive spy photographer Chris Doane leaked the first Jaguar F-type photo today. The F-Type isn’t due for an official release just yet, but the photo clearly shows the three models Jaguar intend to present at the Paris Motor Show next week. As expected, the photos reveal a car that shares characteristics with the highly successful C-X16 concept.

In roadster form, the F-type looks a little different. No details were divulged so we’ll speculate on the figures for you. Jaguar want the F-type to be seen as a proper two-seater convertible in the spirit of the C-type and D-type models of the past. Jaguar haven’t produced a small, two-seat roadster for a while and the F-type represents a return to the market.

Underneath, expect a choice of three model variants. Supercharged V6 and V8 models will be made available from launch. The V6 model could produce as much as 380hp and 450Nm of torque when it goes on sale next year!


  1. It’s not really what was expected …….. That could be the best comment.

    It’s good jaguar are not following the usual ‘look’ but the front end is not so great ….. For some reason if looks a little ” Mazda ‘ish ” or even Fezza california’ish

    The rear, well of what you can see from these pictures, it’s it looks a little like the BMW Z with the swooped lines and perhaps the roll bars behind each seat

    Am sure will make a nice choice and gives the buyers additional choice

  2. The C-X16 is possibly the best looking concept car since the Alfa 8C and I really hope they don’t mess things up when turning it into a production roadster.


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