This particular Ferrari F40 didn’t quite get the 25th anniversary celebrations it had hoped for. The video comes from a YouTube user and shows a sad looking Ferrari F40, leaking oil and with wrecked body panels. The accident happened in Vancouver and the wet road surface is being blamed. It’s thought that the F40 was travelling back from an Auto Show when the accident happened.

It’s sad to see such an awesome machine in such a bad state. Hopefully the damage is fixable. We haven’t heard of any driver or passenger injuries, from the video it doesn’t look like that sort of an accident. Head over to NichollPictures on Razzi for more pictures.

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  1. The ‘wet ‘ surface wasn’t the problem . The problem was the driver being unable to ‘ contend ‘ with the wet surfaces . In light of said driver being from Vancouver thats quite a gap in his driving skills seeing as how it rains almost constantly in Vancouver BC .

    To paraphrase an old Norwegian saying ; ” There is no such thing as ‘ Bad ‘ Weather … Only ‘ Bad ‘ drivers driving in it ”

    ( and yes Pit .. I do know from whence I speak seeing as how I’ve driven an ‘ associates ‘ F40 many a time in the wet on western Washington & Oregon State coastal roads . In case you were wondering ;-)

  2. It only rained for 12 hours on Saturday night. We have had nothing but good, dry weather for three weeks or so. I have always been told to drive slow when it rains for the first time after a long time ( three or so weeks in this case) because the oils n other liquids spilled or whatever on the road would make it slippery. All in all. The driver, simply could not drive.


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