Italian carblog created a new render of the 2013 Ferrari F70 using the current spyshots of the upcoming Ferrari Enzo successor.

The picture clearly resembles a mix between the Enzo and the 458 Italia with the front borrowed from the new F12 Berlinetta. The rear view mirrors are placed on the A-style, which differs from the test mules driving around in Maranello lately.

The F70 will use a HY-KERS system coupled to a V12 engine producing up to 1,000hp. Other features include a rear engine cover similar to the P4/5 Competizione, a distinctive rear diffuser and a set of quad exhausts. Information also suggests that the power will drive all four wheels.

Following the constant spree of spyvideos and spyphotos we can show you a new video of the Ferrari F70 test mule entering the Ferrari factory.


  1. Probably!

    It seems a bit outdated! Let’s wait and see if the final results are somewhat less “B” spec of the Enzo? Interesting with four wheel drive….

  2. So basically this is nothing like what it will actually look like…?? It’s just a photoshop of an Enzo, F12, and a small amount of 458.

    Waste of time until the disguises come off.


    This does look incredible Amzamus.. I hope the design is pretty cutting edge. The new Pagani, Lambo (as ever) and the new F12 all have some incredible tech on them that I think shows the direction we are moving in.

    For me, the Enzo replacement and the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1 are the most exciting releases ahead. I am a massive Ferrari fan but cannot help but wonder how mega the new McLaren will be also.

    We have some serious head to head tests to look forward to!



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