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McLaren Production Center by Night Photo Shoot

McLaren Factory by Night Photo Shoot

Professional photographer GF Williams has released in cooperation with our friends at Jalopnik.com a magnificent series of photos showing the McLaren Production Center in Woking, UK by night. This is surely the first time we see an automotive factory after the workforce has gone home and the lights were dimmed.

The series includes thirteen pictures of the main production hall inside the MPC, which we visited earlier this year and where the MP4-12C is being produced. The focus on details inside the building has been taken to an extent we had not seen before. It blends perfectly into its environment and is linked to the MTC using a subterranean pedestrian tunnel pulled from a science fiction movie.

The first steps inside the MPC bring you through a hallway onto a balcony overlooking the assembly hall, which combines two statements; clinical precision and remarkable cleanliness. Even in the dark this concept is shared up to an ultimate level.

Read our complete visit of the factory right here!



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