This past weekend Leonard Mayorquin at got the great opportunity, along with a few hundred other automotive enthusiasts, to visit the home of HRE Performance Wheels. Every year HRE is gracious enough to open its doors to the public and let everyone see how their products are produced. They are one of the few wheel companies still manufacturing wheels here in the USA. They’ve taken great stride to improve their products and they take great pride in showing everyone how. Every set of wheels is made specific to each customer’s request. If you’ve never visited HRE Leonard strongly recommends it next time they hold an open house.

There were lots of cool cars present at the HRE Open House from the stock to the wild. Cool stuff like an turbo LSX powered Nissan 200SX, a slammed to the ground BMW CS Coupe, and even a Lamboghini Miura. There was something for everyone present. There was even the sacrilegious to some Aston Martin Vantage Convertible with a Supercharged LS3. Domestics, Imports, Euro’s they were all wearing HRE’s. HRE isn’t a wheel brand that caters to just one category of the automotive world. They cater to all and will build you what you want.

As part of the event they had vendors showing off their goods, food trucks, and even a raffle. The raffle was to win a set of any HRE wheel you would want. Leonard bought two tickets, but unfortunately he was six off the winning number. He was looking forward to putting $6k wheels on a $1k car. Oh well, maybe next year.

But you didn’t have to have HRE wheels on your car to come to the HRE event and show off your ride. There were plenty of nice rides around with wheels from various other manufacturers. This event was really just a celebration of car culture. Towards the end of the event there was a small show put on by the Creations N’ Chrome Chrome-red painted “Boy Racer” Mustang. All in all it was a great event and he has already marked the calendar for next year!

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