Video Wiesmann Spring Festival

YouTube member spottergijs made a short compilation movie of the annual Wiesmann Spring festival. The event was held a couple of weeks ago.

In the video you will see a large variety of Wiesmann sports cars like the MF5, MF4 and M3, both in GT and roadster model variant.

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  1. Weismann . The British Roadster …. that out Brits the Brits …… that somebody in Blighty should be building ………. but instead is built by ……… the Germans …. W/a BMW engine I might add .

    Hmmn .. Seems the Brits are getting beat at their own game by quite a few foreigners of late …. what with the Weismann from Germany …. the Dutch Donkervort that out Caterhams the best Caterham has to offer ……. the Japanese MX5 that out Lotus’s Lotus … the German BMW MINI that out MINI’s the MINI …. and on and on and on .

    One does wonder …….. hmmmn …… how long will it be before some foreign automaker out Rolls’s Rolls Royce ? Oh wait ! BMW already has ……. but now they’re placing a RR badge on its snout

    ” Selling England by the Pound ” indeed !

    Oh well . If its any consolation the American auto industry … though a few years behind …. is on the very same path of self implosion …. Britain having had a head start and all ……..


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