BMW M5 Crashes with 300kmh on the Autobahn

The German Autobahns are famous for being some of the few public roads in the world without blanket speed limits for cars. Nevertheless the overall road traffic safety of the German motorway system is comparable to that of other Western-European highways. But as proven this week, it doesn’t take much to get into an accident, especially when you are driving very fast.

A new BMW M5 (F10) with the speed limiter removed was driving at top speed on the A81 between Tuningen and Villingen-Schwenningen (not far from the Swiss border). Due to another driver who joined the traffic and didn’t noticed the speeding BMW approaching in his mirror, the driver of the M5 was forced to brake and swerve his car.

The M5 lost control, smashed into the median barrier, shot across the Autobahn and rolled over several times before coming to rest in the grass. The driver of the car which didn’t noticed the upcoming BMW fled the scene of the accident. The two sons of the crashed driver, who were driving a BMW M3 and M6, stopped and were able to help their father and passengers, and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

The 60-year-old driver, the 20-year-old passenger and dog in the backseat were all quite bad injured and have been hospitalized. Quite remarkable, considering the speed they were driving this also shows how safety of cars has been improved over the years. But as the video below proves, you always have to pay attention on the Autobahn. Accidents like this one with the BMW M5 will also fuel the debate on whether or not a general speed limit should be imposed.

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  1. WoW this i amazingly good looking car, when we think about the speed with wich it has crashed it is amazing that all the pasangers are alaive! I love BMW not only because they are BWM and for their seve and thinking about all passangers in the car!!!

  2. ‎3 BMW M ? full speed ? they were racing, no doubts, and The Autobahn is not a race track. When you drive at that speed you have to anticipate the other drivers. Anyway, these people have enough money to change the destroyed cars. May be next time they will drive with a little bit more respect !! I cannot accept this typ of respectless drivers !

  3. Not sure the sentence ” But as the video below proves, you always have to pay attention on the Autobahn ” is correct. The guy driving the ‘fast’ Bm was in the right, irrespective of speed

    It’s the cock that pulls on blindly …….


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