The RGT-8, first introduced here at Geneva in 2010, is now available based on the new Porsche 991 platform. The new RGT-8 made its debut at the 2012 Geneva Auto Salon and features the naturally aspirated V8 developed by RUF that produces 550hp. It is the first V8-powered Porsche 911 (991) in the world.

The flexibility of the V8 engine delivers extraordinary performance and a sound track that only a high-revving, flat-crank V8 can produce. The V8 engine was inspired by racing technology and features hemispherically arranged valves, 180 degree flat crankshaft, dry sump lubrication and direct drive ancillaries eliminating all drive belts.

The RGT 8 is available with only a six-speed manual transmission powering the rear wheels. The engine produces 550hp at 8,500rpm and maximum torque at 500Nm at 4,000rpm. The top speed is 318km/h.

Geneva Motor Show 2012

Video RUF RGT-8 Live in Geneva

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  1. does this car handle? people already criticize the 911 for being rear engined and having the weight of the 6 over the rear wheels. i imagine the v8 adds a little more there


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