Project Kahn, A. Kahn Design or Kahn Design are all names associated with the same brand, business and company led by founder & CEO Afzal Kahn, a car designer and enthusiast. Afzal Kahn is known for his creating bepoke programs for Range Rover, Rolls-Royce and Bentley models. He also owns a brace of Bugatti Veyrons, currently parked at his showroom in Bradford, UK.

Afzal invited us to his headquarters in Bradford for a tour of his company premises and some road tests, experiencing first hand the refinements he and his team add to a wide variety of cars. Project Kahn stands for challenging the convention and redefinition of ideals. According to the founder, each creation is a timeless classic, reflecting european style, individuality and quality, rather than mass produced cliches. It is boldness combined with old-world craftmanship.

Factory Visit Kahn Design Headquarters 01

The headquarters consist of two different sites used by the company to refine, build and create Kahn’s projects. The main site holds the showroom, offices, upholstery department and the main development area. Visitors entering the building will stumble upon two vehicles in the lower segment of the showroom and a large group of luxury cars after they have moved up the winding staircase. During our visit a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe and a Kahn Range Rover Sport were displayed in the lower showroom.

In the main showroom, Kahn stores his two Bugatti Veyron’s; a white/blue version carrying the famous 500,000 Pound ‘F1’ number plate and a red/grey Veyron with the numberplate 4K. Next to the two hypercars, a diverse collection of customer cars are displayed around the room. A large number of Range Rovers creates the bulk of this collection. Kahn gained his position and notoriety in the tuning market because of these Range Rover creations and will continue to develop his projects on the same basic principles.

In general, all his vehicle conversions include luxury bespoke leather interiors, light alloy wheels, aerodynamic body kits, performance engine upgrades by Cosworth and other accessories. For cars there are more or less the same parts available. This truly depends on the tuning options suggested by the designer and the owner’s wishes.

Factory Visit Kahn Design Headquarters 02

The conversions are carried out by two teams at two different workshops. At the main site, the upholstery department works on interior refinements, changing the seats and interior trims with respect to the owners individual requests. A second site is situated just down the road. A second team of workers carry out exterior modifications here. They change the exterior color, fit body parts, and rims. The finishing touches are applied at the main site.

Kahn Design has eighty employees (twenty percent of which are designers) and this could double by the end of 2012, according to the CEO in his interview with us last year. They currently have five dealerships in the United Kingdom with a view to expansion by taking on new partners in the Middle East and China. The difficulties of getting into the Chinese market are also applicable to Kahn who is currently looking for a local partner to extend its workmanship into Asia.

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