The BMW F10M M5 and Nissan GT-R are not conventional rivals, but both have around the same horsepower and cost nearly the same price depending on the option list. Autocar placed them in a versus and tested both in five different tests. So which one wins their series of tests? Check it out below and do not be surprised about the outcome!

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  1. pull out on your mother’s home with the m5, or pull out in front of a club with an m5, or park you m5 in front of a nice hotel, or do a trip from portugal to germany in an m5… the m5 will always win in those situations, plus it has space for normal people on the back too

  2. BMW M5 is a elegant car and it’s made for normal driving , M button makes him specal, but Nissan GT-R is a one of supercars and it can’t be compared with a M5 .

  3. Even though this is not an equal comparison between a Hyper car and a super saloon. the comparison does however illustrate that vast performance of the 2012 Nissan DBA R35 GT-R Series III. The car is an absolute monster.


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