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Official: Hartge BMW F10M M5

German tuner Hartge has presented their latest program for the BMW F10M M5. With a power upgrade, they have managed to increase the stock output...
2013 BMW F10 M5 on Modulare 20" B18 Wheels

BMW F10M M5 on Modulare 20 Inch B18 Wheels

Modulare Wheels recently finished up work creating the following BMW F10M M5 wearing the company’s 20 inch B18 satin black shoes. The new wheels...
Alpine White 2013 BMW F10 M5 Duo with Eisenmann Exhaust

Alpine White BMW F10M M5 Duo With Eisenmann Exhaust

European Auto Sport were lucky to have two BMW F10M M5s at their shop where they did a little comparison between the two. Both...
Black 2013 BMW F10 M5 on 21" on ADV.1 Wheels

Black BMW F10M M5 on 21 Inch ADV.1 Wheels

The team at Wheels Boutique recently teamed up with ADV.1 wheels to create the following blacked-out BMW F10M M5 rolling on 21 inch concave...

GTHaus BMW F10M M5 on Strasse Forged Wheels

GTHaus an exhaust system specialist from Illinois finished on a project based upon a BMW F10M M5 in which they fitted their Meisterschaft GTC...
2013 BMW F10 M3 on HRE Wheels by Velos Designwerks

2013 BMW F10M M5 on HRE Wheels by Velos Designwerks

Velos Designwerks recently completed their latest BMW F10M M5 build creating the following white beast rolling on HRE S101 wheels in brushed titanium. This particular...
BMW M5 F10M RZ by RevoZport

Official: BMW F10M M5 RZ by RevoZport

RevoZport have another styling kit to offer us, this time it is based on the BMW F10M M5! Subtlety is key to this kit,...
Grigio Telesto Grey BMW F10M M5

Grigio Telesto Grey BMW F10M M5 at SEMA 2012

This BMW F10M M5 was displayed at the SEMA 2012 carshow. The engine remained untouched, while almost every single thing on the exterior was...
BMW F10 M5 by Hamann, ADV.1 wheels and Wheels Boutique

BMW F10M M5 by Hamann, ADV.1 Wheels and Wheels Boutique

The following BMW F10M M5 was created through collaboration between Hamann, ADV.1, By Design and Wheels Boutique and the results speak for themselves. This particular...
BMW F10 M5 on ADV7 Track Spec wheels

BMW F10M M5 on ADV7 Track Spec Wheels

The new BMW F10M M5 is the fifth reiteration of the powerful M5 and features a high-revving 4.4 liter V8 engine with two-turbochargers and...