GTHaus BMW F10 M5 with Strasse Forged Wheels

GTHaus an exhaust system specialist from Illinois finished on a project based upon a BMW F10M M5 in which they fitted their Meisterschaft GTC Exhaust system, Meisterschaft Catless Downpipes and TYR Technologies Stage 2 Tune. The combination of these details turns the F10M M5 into an extremely loud car with insane sound and power gains.

Down to the wheels, the BMW features 20 inch deep concave R10 wheels from Strasse Forged wheels. To match the color scheme on the body, they come in matte black centers, gloss black lips and gloss black inner barrels.

GTHaus says that this exhaust is designed and tuned to provide maximum performance gain without sacrificing the exotic exhaust note. The perfomance gain will be even greater when the Cat-back pipes are used in conjunction with the Meisterschaft muffler. They released two videos of the M5 revealing the exhaust notes under night and day conditions.

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