Video: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in Beverly Hills

Video Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in Beverly Hills

YouTube member and GTspirit representative in Los Angeles, Drake Mumford spotted this blue carbon fiber Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in Beverly Hills. The Veyron is owned by a Luxury4Play member.

I found a whole bunch of R8s and SLSs and 1 Bugatti, Bijan’s black and yellow Veyron parked outside of his store, so I photographed that. That wasn’t what I was looking for though. But, just after filming that-literally 50 feet later, walking to the restaurant-I saw this car that didn’t quite look like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and it instantly hit me that it was the Super Sport I was searching for. My immediate reaction was “holy sh*t! that’s it!” and I ran across the street to get some video. The driver was really cool and gave some enormous revs, which you can see in the video. I followed it for a little and it sped away into the darkness of night…

The most incredible thing about any Veyron is its road presence, compared to civilian cars. When I saw this in Carmel this year and last year, while it was amazing, it was next to 10 other Bugatti Veyrons, so it looked normal. Seeing it on the street, next to regular cars, was crazy. Enjoy the video, and expect some more Bugatti madness soon!



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