While our man from Los Angeles, Drake Mumford was in Chicago, he visited Lake Forest Sports Cars to kill some time before going to the Northwestern football game. He saw the inventory online and thought, it’s worth going, but nothing too special. Little did he know that the service center was stacked with some incredible cars, such as a Ferrari F50, Enzo and Maserati MC12 Corsa. Check his story and video below.

I walked in and saw 50 various cars, from an Aston Martin DBAR1 to a Ferrari Daytona Spider, and everything in between. I had looked into the window and I saw the Enzo, but the MC12 is so low that a 4 foot wall blocked it from my vision. One of the dealership employees asked if I wanted to see the Enzo and MC12 Corsa alongside it, so of course I said yes. But, at the same time I thought he was just confusing the Corsa with another Maserati-like the Granturismo MC, so I was only expecting the Enzo at best. Then, I saw the MC12 and knew that he was for real… after shooting the “sisters,” as the MC12 is a direct product of the Enzo, I checked out the other cars. I saw the F50 and was amazed by this lineup… Please enjoy the video!

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  1. MC12 is so pretty. I love the Enzo, and the Ferrari name. Considering they’re practically the same car, I’ll just have to take em both!


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