China is booming and the country is already the largest automobile market in the world. It is estimated that China’s car market will grow tenfold between 2005 and 2030. Now Morgan Motor Company has announced it will open its first Chinese dealership named Malvern Morgan Cars in the capital Beijing.

The first car of the British company to go on sale in China will be V8 Roadster, followed by the Aero, Roadster, Eva GT and the 3 Wheeler. All these cars will be hand built and will meet the Euro 5 emission standards.

Earlier in an interview with Business Week, Managing Director Charles Morgan said that the 100-year-old company will stand out in China:

Try to sell a Ferrari and you’re up against Lamborghini, the Audi R8, Lotus, McLaren. Send a Morgan three- wheeler there and they’ll know the difference.

Morgan targets to deliver 1,500 cars worldwide in 2012, with China expected to account for 50 of those sales.

[Via Automotive News Europe]

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