Usually, we like to read the debates that go on in our overkill posts. This time, we think you’ll agree that this is unanimous overkill! Pictures of a converted Toyota Prius recently surfaced via CarScoop. It went on display at the 2012 Tokyo Motor Show hosted by NAPAC last Friday.

The company behind the project is Campinn, a Japanese car customiser, specialising in Camper conversions. The structure is made from fiber reinforced plastic and adds 52cm more to the length and a further 56cm to the height. You get a number of different options with this camper van. The Prius back seats drop down to make enough space for a double bed. The top compartment also houses another double bed. If that wasn’t enough, you can also add a retractable coffee table or side sofa…

Sadly they don’t quote a price. As always, let us know your thoughts!

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  1. I sort of had a dream about this last night, thats the second premonition of whats about to appear on a car blog ! :
    Except in my dream it was half aventador/half van, and i was with lil wayne and then some woman with a sniper rife started shooting at us :/


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