Video Second Trailer Jeremy Clarkson's 'Powered up' DVD

Mr. Clarkson has released a new and second trailer to his upcoming new DVD called Powered up. A few weeks ago we showed you the first footage of your new Chirstmas present, and now we can show you the second video showcasing a race between a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Ferrari FF and a Volkswagen Jetta.

Feel free to guess which car is the fastest around the Paul Ricard circuit in France. Even with the knowledge you may have gained watching Top Gear, your guess will be completely wrong. Wondering how the video will end? Check it out below.


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  1. It is easy to see that this stupid Englisman is a Ferrari promoter and gets salary from the company. He even happy with the ugliest ever Ferrari, FF.

  2. Lol wth? So u suggest that the 599 and 612 are better looking than the ff? And also, yeah he must be promoting them; and he also does some wizard trick to get the car to get so fast round the TG test track. AND just happened to watch fifth gear the other night, yea they must be on fezza’s payroll aswel


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