Car Crash Two Mercedes-Benz Test Drivers Killed While Driving McLaren SLR

Monday morning around 10:30 two test drivers employees of a local Mercedes-Benz dealership were killed on a dual carriageway near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. While driving a four-year-old customer-owned Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren for a test drive, the driver lost control and crashed into the woods next to the road.

The supercar stopped between trees and bushes. The wing doors were torn off, the 626hp engine thrown out of the body work. The red sports seats were empty, the bodies of the two men were found back somewhere in the woods close to the car. Police spokesman Andrew Beese said:

The road is a wide open highway without any speed limit. It is eight kilometers long, and has almost no curves.

Shortly before the open highway, the highway 8 at Kelkheim (Hessen) is a single track and only 80km/h is allowed. At this specific section of the road, the McLaren hit the right guardrail, flew nearly ten meters high, brushed the tree tops, sailed a further 35 meters, and crashed down a steep slope. The driver and passenger were ejected and killed instantly. Both were seen as professionals behind the wheel, both young fathers!

Update: More pictures right here!

Car Crash Two Mercedes-Benz Test Drivers Killed While Driving McLaren SLR 02


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  1. It’s crazy nowadays how car makers keep pushing the limits with their car engines and drivers brag about how much horsepower they’ve got. It’s no more zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds, it has become zero to death in less than 3 seconds. RIP and may God bless their souls.

  2. ok ok this is a good one ready?? what do you get when put two retards in a super car on a road with no speed limit…. two less idots in the world and some scrap aluminum.


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