Latvian car builder Dartz is planning a total of nine new models for next year. 2012 is a special year for the armored truck builder. Dartz is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the RussoBaltique C55 success at the 1912 Monte Carlo Rally. In January of 1912 two brave Russian drivers won nine awards at the second Monte Carlo rally.

Following the succes, in the same year Russian Tzar Nikolai choose the RussoBalt car for the national Russian army. The first cars were not armored, this happened in 1914 during World War I when RussoBalt got their special diploma “Russian Army Supplier” and started to supply the Russian Empire Army with cars for their commanders.

Anniversary number three is the fact that 90 years ago RussoBalt was renamed to Prombron. The name Prombron stands for armor manufacturing.

Dartz Monaco Rally

Following these celebrations a total of nine models are planned for 2012; six anniversary models and three non-anniversary models to be released later on. The first model is the Dartz Prombron Trozky edition, named after Leon Trozky a Soviet army founder, who ran away from Stalin and drove a Prombron vehicle made in 1922. The vehicle will be available in two colors Matte Khaki and Kash.Kamo. Some fake gadgets will add a more military look to the armored truck.

The second model is called the Dartz Prombron Nagel Edition, which was released earlier this year together with Gray Design. The unique vehicle planned to be launched at the end of 2012. The third model is also known to us all and was introduced at the Top Marques Monaco 2011 in April.

Model number four is a duo; the Dartz Prombron Black.Russian China Edition and the Dartz Gold.Russian China Edition. Except inside luxury and gadgets the SUV has different front grille, longer base setup and some other specific features, which make taste-impaired coal bosses from China happy, according to the car maker. On the Black.Russian a giant star is added to the front grille, the Gold.Russian has a diamond encrusted gold badge. The models are only available on the Chinese market.

The Dartz Prombon Black.Diamond is colored in Matte Black with shiny Black accents. It is 600mm longer than the Iron.Diamond and 300mm longer than Red.Diamond. The SUV is equipped with 28 inch black’n’gold Bullet.Wheels with run flat tires. The car has a drink cabinet with fridge and two bottles of RussoBaltique Vodka. The driver’s seat is equipped with the most advanced car computer named Leibowiz, while the passengers can enjoy the latest Apple iPad. The ubersoft multi-position car seats are equipped with ventilation and massage. The car is available in three and four-door versions.

The final model planned next year is the world first mobile office made in honor of the first USSR Minister of Education, Lunacharsky, who like Trozky also used a Prombron car in 1922. As education is the basis for business Dartz decided to name this business car in honor of the minister. All possible office means are available inside the armored kapsula, named Dartz Prombron Luna.

Each of the models has a standard lineup of options. Every car has four cellular phones from BellePerre. Each phone is gold plated, has a shark leather trim in the color of the car interior, and a gold plated VIN number of your Dartz SUV plus ALERT! button. The standard setup of each armored SUV also includes a parking system using up to eight cameras.

Finally, we have one more thing. Dartz will also be offering a special Lead.Zeppelin anti-radiation package, which includes a lead layer between the armored steel, lead armored glass, gas mask designed by the famous artist A. C’machoff, a radiation meter designed by A. C’machoff, and two bottles of RussoBaltique Vodka.

Dartz Gas Mask

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