British Police Crack Down On Vacationing Arabs

By now we’re all aware of the Arab supercars that are often seen, filmed and photographed on the streets of London. Every year, as the temperature grows too unbearable values in the Middle East, wealthy supercar owners from places like Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia fled to European capitals like London. This year for example, you’d be able to see the new Koenigsegg Agera R and Pagani Zonda Cinque alongside a couple of FAB Design SLS.

However, not everyone is happy with this. We’ve featured a number of high profile incidents in the past, involving the cars and their owners. It seems after this video was made public, the Metropolitan and City police force’s have started to crack down on these cars in the British capital. We recently came across this video that shows a number of cars being stopped for minor offences and a Challenger impounded for reasons unknown.

EDIT – The Challenger was impounded as the owner had an invalid driving license

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  1. Small mistake: It’s a Challenger :)
    Hm…when you see what some of these guys are doing the police actions are understandable.
    But they shouldn’t overreact and just go “on sight” for the arabian cars.

  2. Challenger impounded for unknown reasons? Erm, the sign on the ground did say to keep clear at video end. lolz. xD

  3. They are only doing this, so to the residents of London it actually looks like they are doing some work. They are all jobsworths just wanting to ogle “pwitty” supercars, they just pull the cars over for no reason, to then do them for petty things like not having front plates, and then if they don’t have the paperwork, they will book them for that too.

  4. So when they are blocking roads through dodgy parking and your caught up in the mess left behind, you be happy if the Black Rats turned a blind eye??

    Unfortunately many traffic laws are flouted by foreign registered cars, so is it wrong if theyre stopped?

    You can see from the video it’s edited to show you what you want….. Other non exotic cars were stopped too and not just Arab registered ones….

  5. Just to be clear, the police most likely impounded the Challenger for driving without insurance or even driving without a license. UK cars are dealt with by the ANPR system which means you often don’t have to stop the driver to check these details. Foreign cars cannot be dealt with in the same way. The attitude in the past has been to let them be by the looks of it. Now the police are probably pursuing a tactic of checking each car to make sure the requirements of having a foreign registered car are being complied with.

    As you’ll probably know, foreign registered cars with illegible (to the English reading majority) numberplates must wear a temporary ‘Q’ plate for the duration of their stay. What you see here is the police checking such cars that should be wearing the plates but aren’t. It’s most likely that they were given notice to put these plates on and they won’t be bothered again 1) until they do so 2) until they don’t do so.

    You’ve got to also think too, what if you were involved in a hit and run? Could you read the numberplate? It’s all well and good arguing that the cars are distinct and you can tell them apart but there’s becoming more and more cars over here. Perhaps it really is time to make sure the rules are being stuck to?

    EDIT – Just found out the Challenger driver was charged with driving without a valid driving license.

  6. F$%#in arabs,
    i want to see when the oil runs out, they will bring camels to the holidays. I like gasoline cars to much but I hope that Europe finds an energy alternative that does not fill the pockets of foreigners.
    At least they would not come on holiday and annoy everyone.


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