The first Koenigsegg Agera R arrived in London yesterday. This Koenigsegg Agera R drives around on Qatari plates and its owned by the Royal Family of Qatar. The Qatari Royals are well known in London for their taste in extraordinary supercars and often order them in their signature colour turquoise.

This is the second royal Agera R after the Royal Family of Oman took delivery of a red Koenigsegg Agera R prior to the official release at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Koenigsegg Agera R Photos:

[Thanks to Zach Moore for the tip!]

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  1. Everything in this car is utterly ugly. There’s not a single angle where it looks remotely good.
    Someone should tell Mr. Koenigsegg to hire a designer instead of doing it himself.
    OK, I’ll do it.
    Mr. Koenigsegg you s### at drawing cars, you have no taste at all and you would sell a lot more of them if you’d call Pininfarina, Italdesign, Bertone, Zagato, or even my grandmother.

  2. @Vador it looks very good for me :) it has very unique and oryginal styling and I really like that it’s so different compare to the italians

  3. @Vador, with that thinking that is why Mr. Koenigsegg makes cars and you don’t. If he wanted to sell more cars, he would. I don’t think the design is the problem. The whole point here is to sell less cars so he can ask the astronomical prize and you will never bump on them at any crossroad in London like Porsche or Lamborghini or Ferrari.

  4. If you don’t like this car, or any Koenigsegg for that…you can’t like any other hypercar…Koenigsegg’s esp. the Agera are absolutely beautiful.

  5. Why don’t you ever see Koenigseggs doing the Gumball 3000 ?
    Because they can’t do 3000 miles withour falling to pieces.

    And yes, there was one, in 2003, famous for being called “BULLSHIT” by Arthur Chirkinian, its owner, in “Gumball 300 The Movie”.

    So I confirm: these cars are not only ugly, they’re also a POS.

  6. @Vador, live in your box man. Nobody cares what you think. The world is still spinning and Christian von Koenigsegg still makes fortune by making these cars and you… Remind me again what are you doing for a living?

  7. @Kris: I know I’m overdoing it a little bit, but sometimes I like to piss off those who have a bad taste. Just for fun. And BTW what I’m doing for a living is “nothing”. I don’t have to since 2001. Unlike Mr Koenigsegg.


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