Oops! Clamped Supercar Duo in London

Auch! We all know what can happen if we do not pay for a parking ticket. Same goes for the ‘unlucky’ owners of these two supercars. The Turquoise Koenigsegg CCXR and Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce shown in the picture above were clamped in front of the famous Harrods department store in the center of London. The cars belong to the royal family of Qatar that also happens to be the new owner of Harrods.

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  1. 1: the parking warden guy had big balls to even try to touch these cars

    2: he was full of jelousy and envy and i would like to bash him in the face

  2. That is ridiculous. The best thing I have seen was the council in Knightsbridge putting posters through doors saying how they were clamping down on these summer drivers (in all fairness they do not stick to any of the rules, ive seen plenty fly through every red light in Piccadilly circus flat out) but on this poster it said thy had impounded £1million worth of vehicle and had a picture of an Enzo, so that means they must of caught about 2 cars then!

    I love seeing them around london, at least they are being driven and not locked up


  3. Doubt that will have any effect on them, just means he will have to drive another toy for the short time it would take to pay the fine and get them released

  4. @Tommy C:
    I think I’ve heard that the Enzo is now worth about 1 million pounds. The Enzos gain in worth because they are only limited numbers avaiable.


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