Car Crash Illegal Night Race Through Moscow, Ten People Injured

Last night at one of the charismatic places in Moscow there was a serious accident, which injured ten people. During the next illegal racing on the Sparrow Hills between the Bentley Continental GT and the Range Rover, a small car VAZ 2114 was hit.

As noted by the witnesses, the Bentley hit the Lada in the front wing and flew into a crowd with people waiting for an opportunity to cross the road. The crowd was pushed aside by the luxury car and people were thrown around. One guy rode on the hood for 15 meters, another one flew two meters into the air.

The video and pictures shown here tell the complete story.


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  1. Sounds like the Bentley and Range took off from a green land and Jiguli came out into the intersection on a red light. Tired of hearing about these Russian crashes.

  2. As I said a few times, russians can’t drive and I’m sorry for all the casualties because always some innocent people are killed or injured and the idiots responsible for the crash are either drunk, racing or some kind of VIP and they won’t get any problems because they can buy themselves out of prison.
    The past few days just made my point and to be honest, I’m with The Rush. I’m tired of these stories.

  3. Vador: Show some respect for the innocent injured you f*** idiot … it could be small kids being killed … “passion” is not a excuse – AT ALL…….

  4. @Luke : Yes, the past few days made your points : you’re a retard.Why don’t you start looking into how much people are dying/killed on a daily basis in your country (US?)?Whatever you are, maybe you know how to drive, but you are stupid .

  5. @Mu: Thanks, for completely misunderstanding me. I’m from germany and we don’t have daily news of some supercar crashing somewhere killing people and stuff like that. Sure here are many idiots behind the wheel as well but no one drives a 5 ton Cayenne with 150 kph through town, that’s just a fact, so stop defending these idiots and calling me stupid. I have been to russia a few times and that’s also a fact: They can’t drive no matter what car they have and they don’t have the necessary road to drive fast. The only country where driving behaviour is worse than russia where I’ve been so far is India.

  6. @Luke, come to Bulgaria my friend. You’ll be surprised how much worse it can be. LOL Unique combination of bad road (really bad roads, worse in EU) and completely talentless morons. And many foreign trucks (like from Turkey, Albania, Romania, etc.) crossing between Europe and Asia. I can’t count the times when some of them all most pushed me out of the road.

  7. @Kris: Croatia scared the crap out of me already :D Bad, VERY narrow roads, big trucks and the drivers there, jeez they drive risky like overtaking in the smallest gaps and in corners. Poland is not bad either when it comes to risky overtaking :S


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