Video Range Rover Vogue Beat by 1 Inch of Mud

The following video shows a Range Rover Vogue struggling on a parking covered by at least 1 inch of mud. The four-wheel-drive SUV has major problems moving forward, while other members in the Land Rover family are passing by like its nothing.

We thought that Range Rover’s slogan was something about taking you to the edge of the world. Let’s hope it does rain overthere.

[Via Boobootv]

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  1. the drivers a nub oh im not going anywhere i need MORE power, wrong numbnuts you need less power and youd be fine

  2. He already screwed up by getting his tires covered in mud, but he could have used some better tires in that situation. Oh well, learn from your mistakes right?

  3. The Range Rover remains the gold standard. This dolt has chosen to go off-roading with street tires. smh.

    Folks: If you’re SUV sounds like a kitten on the pavement, its probably not ready to run like a cheetah in mud. Pay for an extra set of off-road tires. Have them installed during the times of year that you want to “get off the beaten path”. Or just stick to using it as a very large shopping bag @ the mall. lol

  4. Authority figure .

    are you suggesting the range over is a better offroader than the hummer range, speaking particularly about the H3?

    that can do probably more than the range rover could do with offroad tyres , with the hummer on stock tyres?

    put all biases aside.
    i have owned both vehicles.
    the range rover is no doubt the most luxurious one. but the hummer. id take any day

  5. It looks like all the wheels are driving independently… I thought the point of 4×4 is that that doesn’t happen!

  6. This video is soooooooooooooo damn old it’s not even funny lol ohh yeah and the range rover comes with All-season All-Terrain Tires but they were a little bit worn out lol

  7. @ peter:

    the H1 is probably the best factory offroader in the world.

    the H2 can do about 70% of the stuff the H1 can.

    and the H3 can do everything the H2 can, and probably more because of the more compact size. it really is a beast :)


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