Aznom Range Rover Spirito DiVino With Embedded Wine Bar

This is the Range Rover Spirito DiVino. The UK car maker brought the vehicle to the Verona Vinitaly 2011 wine event last weekend.

The SUV has two refrigerated cabinets installed in the rear luggage compartment which can store up to twelve bottles of wine and a set of wine glasses. The unit can be recharged via a dedicated solar panel or by a power cord plugged into an external outlet.

The exterior trim of the Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 TD V8 has an appropriate wine color. The creation is a partnership between Land Rover Italia, Aznom and the wine publication Spirito DiVino.

Aznom Range Rover Spirito DiVino With Embedded Wine Bar 01

[Via WorldCarFans]


  1. A friend of mine used to say “I can’t understan those people who drink and drive. I like to drive, drive, drive then stop and drink, drink, drink, then drive, drive, drive. I can’t do both!” Hope you got it LOL

  2. Cool idea.I think that the cameraman had a couple of glasses of wine too…He cant stop leaning the camera which is really annoying.


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