Monaco 2011 Aznom Fiat 500 Motore Centrale

One of the most special releases at Top Marques Monaco 2011 was this Aznom Fiat 500 Motore Centrale. The Italian tuning company created a rearwheel drive, mid-engined, 230hp-strong car capable of creating a completely new experience to what the standard Fiat 500 holds.

The total weight of the car is only 900kg and 280hp version is available if requested. The car received a proper treatment. A new exhaust system, newly added side air intakes, new rims, bigger brakes and the engine at the back were changed inside the vehicle.

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  1. That I want!!! A car that looks like the Abarth 500 but is even nicer (I hope so :D ) to drive and 230HP in a car the size of a shoe…it will have vertical takeoff!

  2. their own website declares it a 1.4 turbo and does 0-60 in 4.7s, thats mental in a car that size. theres a fair bit of carbon fibre in their so it aint gonna be cheap if its sold, still i think many would sell their family to have one, great project, well done lads.


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