Leaked 2012 BMW F10M M5 Ahead of Shanghai Debut

Thanks to a Russian carblog we have the ability to check out the all-new 2012 BMW F10 M5 ahead of its official debut at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Friday the 1st of April was all about M Power and BMW. During a media event in Munich a select group of journalists got the change to attend a day which showed them the BMW M3 Pickup, M3 Saloon Concept and a tour through the hidden garages at the BMW M facility in Garching showing them a 1990 BMW M8 Concept and V12-powered BMW X5.

The main event was all about the F10M M5 presented to the lucky journalists. One of them, took some pictures of the brand new M power saloon, and broke the embargo. Luckily he did because this is the brand new 2012 BMW F10 M5 or 2012 BMW F10M M5. It is the first M car which has been given a specific internal name, that is why they included the additional M.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the brand new M Power luxury saloon. For BMW lovers it must have been a wonderful day at the factory.

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  1. For me the look/design of the new 5 series is actually a step back. Therefore the new M5…is a bit disappoingting. The black wheel look is a bit too much after market. Remember the gun metal finish of the V8 M5 wheels, or the shark fin antenna that first came out on the M3. None of those design details here in the new M5. Looks boring and as bog standard and non mascular as the regular 5 series. Infact, the non controverstial; ordinary post Bangle designs at BMW aren’t interesting at all. The fact is the new design theme at Merc is getting better, look at the new CLS…then look at the M5, for the first time in decades Mercs look much more interesting and attaractive whereas the BMW look as indifferent as Toyota Camrys & Corollas. New M5, not eyecatching.

  2. u can’t compare CLS and M5 buddy…and also, 100 men 100 tastes, I find very attractive that M5 looks boring(and I’m not the only one). If u wanna make attention, buy yourself a ferrari or lambo :)

  3. I’m also concidering these pictures as showing us imperfect shape of F10… so small front windscreen, so regular sides… nothing exciting in fact… but hope it as a better car than E60 M5 despite V8 underbonet…

  4. I believe the E60 5series is an ugly bangle design that was only improved with carefully placed additions of M badges!! The E60 M5 didn’t look “Quietly styled” it was too showy and loud!! And I guess it won over new found admiration from fans that weren’t fans of the E39 M5, which is in my opinion the best looking of all BMW’s due to its quiet styling..
    This current F10M M5 is a step back into the traditional Quietly styled Road Rockets BMW M has made its name on!! And I absolutely adore it!! It isn’t riddle with chrome bits that adorn an AMG… It almost sits there like it has nothing to prove. You could be cruising in this thing on the streets with total anonymity, which is what a true M driver craves! But take it out on a weekend blast on track days!!

  5. E60 M5 is the most beautiful M5 made. E39 is old and boring from the 90’s, dont know why some people love them so much. Not even close to the awesome, aggressive V10 M5… The F10 M5 will be a success too.

  6. In fact Albin is right… but I’m a person who brought E61 just becouse it was fresh and different to previous BMW models… and I belive that despite the antiBangle atitiude, there was lot of people who did like that ascetic and technical look…

  7. Everyone has their subjective opinion. I think Albin is wrong, the E60 looks great. The E39 is a slab sided uninspired ugly design from the 90s. The F10 is sweet too.


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