BMW Pickup

A few weeks ago we were surprised by some photos and a video featuring a BMW pickup driving around the famous Nürburgring. Today the Bavarian automaker officially unveiled the world’s fastest pickup.

Presented as the fourth member of the BMW M3 model family, the pickup is a great addition next to M3 Coupé, BMW M3 Convertible and BMW M3 Sedan. The world’s first high-performance pickup has been created at the BMW M GmbH development center and was tested under the strictest secrecy.

Powered by a high-revving V8 engine at the front which produces 420hp and a rear-axle load capacity of up to 450 kilos, the pickup will take the relationship between race-oriented driving pleasure and everyday utility to an entirely new level.

Fine-tuned aerodynamics and measurements in the wind tunnel showed a Cd factor on a par with that of the M3 Coupé. The M3 Pickup has shown its potential on the North Loop of the Nürburgring. Official lap times have not yet been released, but the needle reached for a top speed of 300km/h. For an even more track-based performance the targa roof can be removed. This shaves off a further 20kg while at the same time lowering the car’s center of gravity.

The M3 Pickup provides the biggest cargo capacity ever offered on a BMW M vehicle. In terms of the unit of measurement generally applied to premium automobiles, that gives the loading area of the BMW M3 Pickup the capacity to carry up to 20 standard 46 inch golf bags. What’s more, the BMW M3 Pickup is the first BMW M3 variant in the 25-year-plus history of this model range to come with a trailer tow hitch.

The BMW M3 Pickup will not be heading for the golf course or series development, but will retain its status as an exclusive one-off. The car is developed for use as a workshop transport vehicle for BMW M GmbH. Interestingly, according to its road certification the BMW M3 Pickup is officially a truck – but one that puts a whole new spin on the meaning of the word.

What do you think of this car presented on April Fools’ Day?


  1. I think this is the best BMW for the last 3 decades for one simple reason. It has nothing to do with the marketing department. Just like the firs ever M3, E30.

  2. the fact that bmw has the capability to be this hilarious with their free time actually makes me respect them way more then I ever did

  3. @kris
    Marketing is the furthering of the brand. Everything has to do with marketing. It has everything to do with the marketing department just like the e30 m3.

    They are in the business of selling cars not pandering to stupid idealists.

  4. even if this was to be built, which it never will be because BMW dont have the balls.

    it is not and will never be the fastest pickup. that title is currently held by the Holden HSV Maloo which is in M5 territory.

  5. Nice joke lol.Look at the idrive knob,do you belive they are going to present a brand new vehicle with deformed leather and an old idrive.Don’t worry it is custom job :).

  6. @ peter

    The Maloo is stock. stock HSV. just like this BMW is stock M.

    other wise it would just be a commodore ute vs a bmw 320i pickup . in which case the holden would still win

  7. @Rick
    I know that. And I know much about the marketing and particularly about BMW’s marketing department. What I mean was that this is not a car made by their requirements. You know in now days when BMW decide to build a new car there is department of about 200 people that tell to the engineers and the designers what exactly to be that car. In this case I gues we have one off car made by bunch of mechanics in their free time and this 200 people decided that it’ll be good advertisement and they show it to us. It’s the same with the E30 road going car. They wanted to make good racing car (for advertisement purposes of course), but they need to make road going car, becouse of FIA’s requirement. And that road going car has nothing to do with marketing department. They were not more than half dosen people in the earli 80’s. Most of the marketing decisions was made by the board of Directors.


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