Tesla Model S Makes European Debut at Geneva 2011

Tesla has indicated to GTspirit that the first production Model S will make its official European debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The new Model S Sedan is the first mass-produced, highway-capable electric vehicle in the world.

Recharging takes up to 45 minutes. The floor-mounted battery pack is designed to be changed out in less time than it takes to fill a gas tank, allowing for the possibility of battery-pack swap stations. Three battery pack choices will be offered: 160, 230 or 300 miles per charge.

The standard Model S does 0-60 mph in under six seconds and will have an electronically limited top speed of 130mph, with sport versions expected to achieve 0-60mph acceleration well below five seconds.

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  1. “highway-capable” ? What’s that ? If it’s 55mph then all electric cars are highway-capable. If it’s 80mph, like in europe, then it’s like all other electric cars: “highway-capable for 30 miles before you’re out of juice”.

  2. @avalancher don’t be so sure :) Model S is not a Plug-in hybrid like Chevy Volt, Fisker Karma or Toyota Prius PHEV. Tesla is pure electric and notice that the only one electric car available today (besides of Roadster) Nissan Leaf has average range of 100 miles, which is three times less than 300 miles in Model S with the biggest battery pack. Of course the range won’t be comparable to petrol cars, but will be significantly better than any other electric cars or concepts today.

  3. Those who fail to embrace the future will perish, or at least be left behind. Change is inevitable….so why not support a worthy cause for its merits then harp on its short comings when the alternative is driving us towards a global crisis?? I hope Elon Musk is able to pull this off bigger then he did paypal!!

  4. @avalancher

    Your comments reflect considerable ignorance on this matter. Do some research on this vehicle’s capability and on Mr Musk’s capabilities and track record.


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