Choose Ferrari FFour Spyder or Ferrari FFour Breadvan

The Ferrari FFour is trully an ‘unique’ piece of engineering and the very first four-wheel drive prancing horse. Some call it FFugly, others rather unique and well balanced. For those wondering what a line-up of FFour’s could look like, we combined found two different variants, both rendered using proper photoshop skills.

The first one is a four-seat, all-wheel drive FFour Spyder made by a reader of a French car site. He erazed the shooting-break-style roof of the standard FF and added some details to the car’s rear quarter. Question is if Ferrari would follow Porsche’s and Maserati’s foot steps creating a four-seater convertible. What do you think?

Ferrari FFour Spyder

The second variant is a Breadvan version of Maranello’s latest creation we found on It refers back to a historical legend; the Ferrari 250 SWB Breadvan. The rear end got a proper design change which resembles the masterpiece.

Ferrari FFour Breadvan

It is your choice! Which version would you prefer in the line-up of FFour sport cars?

Feel free to share your comments on these two renderings. Hi-res versions of the pictures can be found here and here.


  1. yeah didnt you hear? they are calling it the CaliFFornia. Im sorry Ferrari but you made a terrible mistake going with this design. I already miss the 612….

  2. You guys say its ugly but its just a work of art. Ferrari is doing something unique. They are seeing how far then can go with a car with a Ferrari badge. The FFour is one o a kind. Ferrari i give you HUGE PROPS. love this car.

  3. Be it with no top, or a different one, the car remains ugly because of the hideous air vents on the side.
    This thing is doomed. Ferrari don’t ever build it. Ever.

  4. I am sorry Ferrari, no one asked you to come up with new concept. You already did the best every cars and concept, so please stop playing with your great history.



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