Ferrari FF Previewed Ahead of Debut at Geneva 2011

The Italians are back with a brand new member to the Ferrari Family; the Ferrari FFour, also known as F151 and the first ever four-wheel drive Ferrari. The new model rumoured as the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti successor or replacement has been official previewed today via the website. The revealing includes the first official pictures, specifications of the vehicle, two sound files and a video showing the development stages of the brand new prancing horse.

The name is an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive). It is a decisive break with the past, and a true revolution heading into the future, according to Italians from Modena. The looks of the most powerful, verstaile four-seater ever are designed by Pininfarina and resemble the spyshots shown over the past few months. The front is heavily influenced by the Ferrari 458 Italia and the rear shows a brand new shootingbrake setup with a small rear window, four exhaust pipes and a two-flow diffuser. Something we have not seen before on a Ferrari sports car.

The first official information includes the engine characteristics. The V12 powerplant produces 660hp at 8,000rpm and a maximum torque of 683Nm at 6,000rpm. The top speed of the Italian luxury sports car is 335km/h and a sprint from zero to 100km/h is done in 3,7 seconds. It will be available with the HELE system.

The 4RM – four wheel drive system weighs 50 per cent less than a conventional four-wheel drive system and is equipped with the latest magnetorheological damping system (SCM3), as well as the most recent development in carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo. The vehicle sizes 4907mm in length, 1953mm in width and 1379mm in height. The dry weight is 1790kg with a weight distribution of 47% front and 53% rear.

On the option list you will find numerous upgrades, accessories and refinements that will accommodate four people and their luggage, thanks to 450 liters of boot space expandable up to 800. There are six model-specific exterior colours and interor trims available.

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  1. they shouldn’t have wasted their time with this and concentrate on those silly aftershaves and carbon fibre helmets they sell to people who don’t actually own a ferrari. the problem with this car is the same with all modern ferraris……they are overly engineered to the point where they lose the passion

  2. Its JAW DROPPING AMAZING FROM THE FRONT!!!!! but from the reminds me OF THE MERCEDES SLS like wtf happen.its okay but idk..!?! I STILL LOVE FERRARI!!!!!! #1!

  3. not a fan of the hatchback at all, but it sounds great and probably gets out of the hole shot like none other. Ill have to see some road tests on it soon


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