Ferrari FFour Rear

Following the release of the brand new Ferrari FFour you can now listen to the two sound files supplied by the Italians.

You will hear the Ferrari FFour engine, exhaust and wheel spin from within the cabine, but also at the outside. Enjoy the sound of the grawling 660hp-strong V12 engine and the wheel spin of the four-wheel drive.

Interior sound file: Ferrari FFour interior sound file

Exterior sound file: Ferrari FFour exterior sound file


  1. Sound amazing !!!!! just gives you chills!. Love ferrari huge fan. love what the did. brought something new. Desgin i love the front of the car just breath taking..but until i see the back kinda iffy about it. reminds me of the mercedes sls! GREAT from the front but wtf happen in the back lol. LOVE FERRARI!. great car


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