Video Sabine Schmitz Says 'Save The Ring'

We can hardly imagine the Nurburgring Nordschleife to close its doors any time soon. The most demanding race track in the world is known by its heritage and should never disappear from the world of motorsports. The track is reportedly half a billion euros in debt, due to non professional investments in the wrong places.

The Ring Mistress – Sabine Schmitz – says Merry Christmas and spreads the message ‘Save the Ring’ in the footage below. Sabine urges you to check out the SaveTheRing fan page on Facebook for more information. Become fan of the page and support the future of our beloved race track.

[Via AxisOfOversteer]


  1. How can I save the ring with joining a stupid Facebook group?

    Hey folks let’s create a new FB group and save all children from cancer.


  2. haha nice Swank….facebook in general is a waste of time. Non proffesional investments??? What were these assholes doing to put a racetrack HALF A BILLION EUROS in debt? I love how “billion” is such a nominal term anymore……please save us, all we need is a half a billion euros, sniffle sniffle tear. I’d really love to know exactly how reckless you need to be…oh nevermind theres a BILLION examples to look to anymore :-)

  3. Swank, rick,
    knock fb all you want but it has enough power to sway the current number one chart song any where in the world, so if you two get you stupid misinformed arse off the fence and try to rally people maybe you two could make a difference.
    im trying what are you doing.


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