TVR Cebera in the snow

This weekend winter hit most of Europe and snow has covered big parts of the United Kingdom in the last couple of days. Most sports- and supercar owners hide their cars away from the dreadful conditions outside but today this brave TVR Cerbera owner was spotted on this snow struck English highway.

The TVR Cerbera, like all TVR’s from the Cerbera era, has no traction control, over 350hp and very sharp steering. We’re not sure if we find this owner very brave or crazy. What do you think?

[Via Jay Broom]


  1. I think you guys are idiots! What’s so strange in this? He didn’t drive it with 150+mph. With 5mph in traffic jam it doesn’t matter if you don’t have traction control, ABS or your steering is sharp. And honestly Cerbera is far away from supercar. It’s just a bit harder GT sports car. So why you even bother to post this???


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