Fourth One-off Pagani Zonda RAK

The next one-off Pagani Zonda has been revealed following the Zonda HH, Zonda 750 and Zonda Uno. This time the hypercar is called Pagani Zonda RAK. The new version is a yellow Pagani Zonda F powered by a mercedes-sourced V12. The brand new Pagani Zonda RAK is exclusively built for Auto Salon Singen.

Update: Thanks to the guys at we also received information that the vehicle is for sale at Singen, Autosalon in Germany. The price is € 1,849,000.00 and the V12 engine has an output of 702PS or 516kW. The hypercar has driven 90 kilometers.

Fourth One-off Pagani Zonda RAK 01

Fourth One-off Pagani Zonda RAK 03

Fourth One-off Pagani Zonda RAK 02

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  1. its not really exclusive if everyone can go to zonda and get what they want put on the car.

    wait why does porsche exclusive and bmw individual pop on my head?

  2. Shawn,you are completely wright,the normal editions are now more special than the special editions themselves.
    @gtspirit:guys if you look at the details of this car you will find out that its more an F than a Cinque.


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