New One-off Pagani Zonda 750

The one-off series of the Pagani Zonda is continueing with a brand new model made for a customer – probably Arabian, called Pagani Zonda 750. It is mainly based on the Cinque but it has a lot of custom parts such as the back window.

The hypercar follows the Zonda Uno and Zonda HH, both two brand new one-off models.

New One-off Pagani Zonda 750 01

New One-off Pagani Zonda 750 02

[Via Teamspeed]

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  1. I agree the Zonda can pull off any color just about, I do have to say the diffuser though should not be painted :S Looks rather good, best of both worlds with the intake and the windows

  2. I don’t like the color as well, but this is pure art from Pagani, as usual. For me, the Zonda Cinque is the best car ever made.

    I have seen the Pagani C9 official renderings on the Geneva Motor Show (on a private meeting on the Pagani stand) and I was extremely disappointed. The design is really weird :(

  3. I tottaly agree with you that the cinque is the best car(my favourite),also the prettiest.Unfortunantly i am a little dissapointed on the c9 too…

  4. looks nice, but pagani should bring out a completely new designed model and not only the same only with some small changes! it is getting boring just like the 1 million versions of the veyron!


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